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Burger Doctor

Homemade Portobello Burger

I know what you think. Have I gone crazy or what? I have been asked many times to provide a recipe for a veggie/vegan burger that tastes good, so I have been looking for it for a while. I finally found it. I tried the portobello burger at Village Burger Bar and this is my version of it.

This burger is...

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Burger Reviews

Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill, Addison, TX

I recently visited Kenny’s Burger Joint in Frisco and I was now going to try their steak house location in Addison. Supposedly the burgers should be the same and even...

Capitol City Brewing, Washington, DC

In our nation’s capitol there is a brewpub called appropriately enough, Capitol City Brewing. They have three locations; one on Capitol Hill, one downtown, and another in Arlington. We ate...

Good burger at Red Hot and Blue, Plano, TX

Red Hot and Blue is a large BBQ chain in North Texas and is known for Tennessee BBQ, which typically involves using coleslaw on their sandwiches.

I was mostly interested in their burgers and they carry a few burgers on their menu. We ordered the “All-In” burger with pulled pork, onion rings, and cheese and their Hoochie Coochie Cajun Burger with Cajun spices...

Docs Favorite Articles

Homemade Country Mustard

If you like mustard on your hamburger there is nothing more delicious than a homemade country mustard. You may think it’s difficult to make, but it’s dead easy.

All you need...

How to make your own In-N-Out Double Double Burger

You can say what you want about In-N-Out burger but every time they open up in a new city the restaurant has hour-long lines of patrons waiting in any kind...