3rd Base Bar & Grill, Frisco, TX

3rd Base Sport Bar & Grill
2390 Parkwood Blvd.
Frisco, TX 75034
United States of America
Phone: (214) 618-4450
Price for meal: $15 including tax and tips
Date of review: Jan 25th, 2013

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Date Visited: 01/25/2013

3rd Base Sport & Grill is a sport bar where the wait staff are all girls with very little clothes on, just like at Bone Daddy’s and Hooters. Since that doesn’t bother me, I was looking forward to having one of their many burgers that supposedly should be good.

The first thing I noticed when we arrived at the restaurants was that all the waitresses where looking at their cell phones. This is the first time I have been to a restaurant where all the wait staff was looking at phones. They did manage to sit us in between Facebook updates and text messages though.

I ordered the Dirk Meister, a half-pound burger with cheese and bacon (see image for burger menu). I also added fries and unsweetened ice tea. The wait was very long! Maybe 30 minutes before the burgers arrived. I just don’t understand how it can take this long. I mean, as the owner, I would think you would want to expedite the food so that new guests can get in.

The burger was smothered in maple syrup or something like this. It was “sticky”. The burger was cooked well done even though I ordered it medium. The fries tastes like they used the same oil for the fries as they did for the corn chips. They tasted like “corn fries”. The lettuce I had was dull and lifeless. The burger was dry and boring. All in all a big disappointment.

During the service we got a refill of ice tea, but this time we got the sweetened one. We never asked them to correct it because we didn’t have another 30 minutes to wait for the tea to be fixed.

While we were leaving our waitress manages to text a few messages and receive one while talking to me about her date with her ex-boyfriend that she was texting with. Talk about customer dedication and too much information!

Here are my suggestions to the management of 3Rd Base Bar & Grill:

  • Stop allowing employees using their cell phones while they work
  • Fire the kitchen staff and get some new one in there that can actually cook something good
  • Fire the general manager and get someone back in to run this as a restaurant

I know I won’t be back until that’s done.

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