Bennigan’s, Plano, TX

3937 N Central Expy
Plano, TX 75023
United States of America
Phone: (972) 943-1133
Price for meal: $12 including tax and tips
Date of review: Nov 27th, 2012

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Date Visited: 11/16/2012

Bennigan’s has opened recently with new management after it went out of business a year ago or so. They advertise their burgers at “Ultimate Burgers” so I really was here for the ultimate experience.

This place was brand new. It even smelled new. Their burger menu is not huge, but they carry a few solid burger choices. I select the Spicy Chipotle Burger with steak rub seasoning, crispy fried onions, Pepper Jack cheese, chipotle garlic mayo. I was asked that the burgers were cooked to order, so I ordered mine medium rare as usual.

The burger came within 10-12 minutes and looked good. But my burger was cooked well done. I am so tired of restaurants that say they cook to order and then end up burning the burger well done. That automatically decrease the rating on the burger. It was grilled, but way too much; tt was almost charred. The chipotle mayo was bland and I even doubt there was any chipotle in the mayo. The fried onion strings were nice and crispy though. The best thing about the meal was the fries. They were cooked crisp and fresh and was really good. The rest was just forgettable.

I would not recommend the burgers at Bennigan’s. They were just bland and overcooked. I am not sure how the rest of the menu is, but I won’t be back to try it.

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