Big Tony’s, McKinney, TX

Big Tony's Pizza & Sports Club
1705 W University Dr
McKinney, TX 75069
United States of America
Phone: (972) 542-8669
Price for meal: $9 including fries, drinks and tax
Date of review: Jan 28th, 2011

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Date Visited: 01/28/2011

Big Tony’s is a sports bar located in McKinney, Texas. It is located in a strip mall near a very busy intersection.

From the outside it didn’t look like much. I was also put a little bit off but the big colored window paintings with their specials.

Inside it was not much better. The place smelled like chlorine. It had a bar and a dining area. The menu featured quite a few burgers and one in particular caught my eye. It was the ranch bacon cheese burger. I ordered one medium rare.

I got regular water as a drink and it was probably the most chlorine tasting water I’ve ever had. It was like they took it right out of the swimming pool (only worse). I was starting to get worried about ordering the burger medium rare..

The burger arrived in good order within 10 minutes and it looked pretty good. The burger was actually very good! The meat was not medium rare but rather medium which was fine. It was a juicy and greasy burger at the same time but very tasty. The cheese was good, the ranch was good and the burger was great. All in all a very successful burger that I would recommend to any one.

The fries were regular out of the freezer bag fries. Nothing special to write about. Just decent regular fries.

I recommend Big Tony’s for their burgers. Yes, the place is not high-end or fancy, but an okay place to visit and once you have a few beers or drinks you will feel right at home.

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