Bonnie Ruth’s Bistro, Allen, TX

Bonnie Ruth's Bistro Francais
916 Garden Park Drive
Allen, TX 75013
United States of America
Phone: (214) 383-6777
Price for meal: $17 incl. tips and tax
Date of review: Jan 2nd, 2012

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Date Visited: 12/16/2011

You may be wondering why I would go to a French Bistro place, but they actually have a few burgers on their menu and one of them is a French burger tat I had to try.

The place is high-end bistro style and so is the pricing. Burgers range from $12 and up.

I ordered the French Burger. I had lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion and sauteed mushrooms and aioli. Not exactly French. The only thing that was French was the Gruyere cheese that came with the burger.

The side was pommes frites or a fancier way of saying french fries. Pommes frites are usually fried twice or even three times, where as regular french fries can be fried as little as one time.

The wait was short maybe less than ten minutes. The burger looked very good and the plating was pretty classy. The pommes frites were regular shoestring fries, not anywhere near a real pommes frites.

The burger was cooked perfectly medium rare like I ordered it. There was really nothing French about this burger. The Gruyere cheese was good but it was overpowered by the onion and pickles that also came with the burger. The meat was very juicy and had an excellent taste. It was a really good burger with lots of flavor. My only critique was that the greens on the burger was not super fresh. The lettuce was soft and not crisp and fresh. The bun was not very good. It fell apart almost right away. The old greens and the crumbly bun ended costing one point for this burger.

The fries were alright and super crisp as I would have expected from pommes frites, although it was just shoestring fries.

All in all a good burger. Had the greens been fresher and the bun more sturdy it would have been an almost perfect burger.

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