Brix Bar and Grill, Plano, TX

Brix Bar and Grill
1410 K Ave
Plano, TX 75074
United States of America
Phone: (972) 509-2749
Price for meal: $12 including tax and tips
Date of review: Jul 27th, 2012

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Date Visited: 07/27/2012

Brix Bar and Grill has just opened it doors on July 16, 2012. It replaced Last Chance Saloon that was reviewed here.

The restaurant was much more bright and inviting than when Last Chance Saloon was here. The menu looked really good and there were a couple of burgers on their menu including a 1/2 lbs burger and cheese burger and a full pound double cheese burger. Toppings were $1.50 for each one extra like bacon, chilies etc. The burgers were made by 100% pure grass fed beef. I asked where they got their beef but they didn’t know.

I ordered a regular cheese burger with fries on the side. I asked for it to be cooked medium rare as usual.

The wait was pretty short, maybe 10 minutes. The burger looked exceptionally good. I also noticed that the fries were something special. I tried them first and boy these were absolutely perfect fries. They were dressed in Parmesan cheese and were hand cut and super slender. They were super crisp and among the best fries I have ever tasted.

Once I had the burger I knew this was special burger also. The burger was grilled and you could taste that! It was charred to perfection and cooked to perfection. The beef was dark and juicy, something that grass fed beef excels with when it’s cooked medium or less. I think there was quite a lot of lettuce and tomatoes on, but I just took some of it off. The cheese was thick, maybe 1/3 inch thick! It was a petty they used American cheese in this thickness since it was more like a block of cheese than nicely melted cheese. That was the only little thing I could find on this burger.

Brix makes a great burger and their fries are to die for and thus receives a perfect score. I will be back soon!

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