Buffalo Bluez, Plano, TX

Buffalo Bluez
4200 Legacy Dr
Plano, TX 75024
United States of America
Phone: (972) 618-2833
Price for meal: $10 with tax
Date of review: Mar 14th, 2013

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Date Visited: 03/14/2013

Buffalo Bluez is a trendy new burger restaurant in a strip mall off Legacy and Coit. They don’t serve Buffalo wings, which you might suspect from the name, but higher end burgers. When we arrived, the chef was out in the restaurant and he was actually wearing a chef’s uniform; something you don’t see too often in restaurants any more. Their menu had quite a few options and you can see them all in one of my photos. I selected the Ranch Hand, a burger with smoked brisket on top and BBQ sauce. I also ordered a side of fries.

While we were waiting for the burgers, I peeked into the kitchen and noticed that they actually made the fries from scratch by hand. I wondered why they didn’t advertise this anywhere in the restaurant. If I were the owner I would certainly make sure to let my customers know that this was a place where they would get hand cut fries. I also wondered if they didn’t mention other things, like their use of natural raised beef or other things you expect to see advertised in the restaurant. Well, I guess they make better burgers than marketing.

The wait was relatively long for a place like this, maybe 10 minutes. The burgers looked pretty good once they finally arrived. My burger was cooked well done, but was loosely packed and that was a good thing. The brisket was tender and smoked to perfection. The BBQ sauce was too sweet for my taste and it was a little bit messy to eat. I wouldn’t say that the burger was fantastic, but it was definitely a better burger than I would have expected from a place like this. The fries were homemade and were a little overcooked for my taste. You can see in the pictures that they are quite dark and they were also too crisp; some all the way through.

Their billing system didn’t work, so we ended up not having to pay anything, which is of course very nice, but expect to pay when you get here. The prices are reasonable for this quality of burgers.

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