Burgerfi, Garland, TX

245 Cedar Sage Rd
Garland, TX 75040
United States of America
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Price for meal: $10 with tax
Date of review: May 17th, 2013

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Date Visited: 05/17/2013

Burgerfi is a trendy new restaurant in the Dallas area and I was visiting their location in Garland. Their concept is to use all-natural grass-fed beef with no chemicals or additives. They carry a range of hamburgers and hotdogs and is supposedly picking up where other better hamburger franchises leave off. That all sounded good to me, as I am all for natural and grass-fed beef and love the concept of any restaurant that claim to make a better burger. My first question was why they chose to start their first restaurant in the DFW area in Garland? Garland is not exactly known for high end anything, so I was not sure I got the idea why they wanted to start here. Why not start a place like Allen, where the burger places are PACKED on every Friday? Well, maybe Garland is coming after it.

The place looked very trendy from the metallic looking décor with wooden walls, and a Big Ass fan in the ceiling (that’s what it was called, yes). I settled for the Brisket Burger, that was made from dry aged brisket and supposedly that was the best of the best (at least according to the steep price of $10 for one burger). I also ordered a medium size home cut fries with Parmesan and herbs to share with my party.

There were not that many in the restaurant other than us, but they managed to take over 20 minutes to get the order out, which was ridiculous when they had 10+ people working the counter and the kitchen. The fries were instantly the main attraction as the burgers were not that impressive looking to begin with. The fries were golden brown and plenty with a dusting of Parmesan and herbs. They were firm and crispy and really tasty. The herbs were mostly rosemary and I would use parsley instead if it was up to me, but great work on the fries!

The burgers were really sorry-ass burgers to look at and the burn mark that Burgerfi is known for was really weak on all the burgers we got. The taste was good though and that was obviously more important. The meat was really beefy and had a good flavor, but not anything I haven’t tried at Twisted Root, Five Guys, Mooyah, Smashburger, or Hopdoddy. I would say that Burgerfi is a small step up from Mooyah and maybe Five Guys, but not even near the quality and concept of Hopdoddy. It was just a good solid burger, but not a great burger.

I really like the concept of Burgerfi and I am quite sure the execution of their burgers was what anyone should expect from Burgerfi. A good burger from a better burger franchise, but still some way from the best franchises like Hopdoddy and Twisted Root. I would get a burger at Burgerfi again and I think everyone should try them out because their concept is great and their burgers are still miles better than the fast food burger places.

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