Caprock Burger Company, Plano, TX

CapRock Burger Company
2304 Coit Road
Plano, TX 75075
United States of America
Phone: (972) 596-5700
Price for meal: $11 incl. tax
Date of review: Jul 3rd, 2012

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This place was called RD’s Old Fashioned Burgers, but now has new owners, so I was curious to see if there was an improvement in the burgers.

The place looked exactly the same as before. The only thing that was new was the menu.

There was a so called CapRock Burger that featured bacon, cheese and hotdogs. Sounded good to me. I ordered a regular sized CapRock Burger. Before you had to dress the burger yourself but now you had to tell them what you wanted on the burger. So I got a little of everything on it.

The place was still pretty dull and cafeteria like. The wait was short, maybe 10 minutes.

The burger was much better than the burger they made in the old place. The addition of the hotdog was a great idea, but it also made the burger even bigger than it was. It was some big burger! The meat was cooked all the way through as I would expect when they don’t give you any options for how to have the meat cooked. Everything was fresh and good.

The fries were the usual made from frozen burgers, nothing special here.

CapRock Burgers are really much better than RD’s Old Fashioned burgers and the hotdog is a great idea. A good above average place to get a burger.

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