Deno’s Grill, Murphy, TX

Deno's Grill
280 E Fm 544
Murphy, TX 75094
United States of America
Phone: (972) 424-9494
Price for meal: $11 incl. tax
Date of review: Jan 29th, 2012

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Date Visited: 01/27/2012


This is a small restaurant in a strip mall in Murphy, Texas not far from Southfork Ranch.

We walked up to the counter and ordered. They had a few options for burgers and I ordered a double double with cheese and bacon. I usually don’t order a double but the patties were 1/3 lbs so I went for the big one this time. There were no options for cooking temperature so I assumed it would be well-done.

The wait was short and the burgers came out freshly made with fries. The patties were thin and cooked well-done. The burger itself was alright. The meat was probably fatty with more than 20% fat, because the burger was actually juicy. The taste was nothing special, but the burger was freshly made and had no flaws. The cheese and bacon was not tasty at all and I could probably have done without it. I also think that the burger was seasoned a tad too much with salt. It was pretty salty for my taste.

The fries were really good frozen fries. They were crisp and cooked just right, and the seasoning was spot on.

The burgers at Deno’s grill are traditional non-fancy burgers. If you just like a fresh burger and you are the kind of person that like them well-done, this is the place for you. If you prefer a more tasty and maybe a bit more fancy, you will probably not like this place too much.

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