Fred’s Downtown Philly, Allen, TX

Fred's Downtown Philly
740 S. Greenville Ave #400
Allen, TX 75002
United States of America
Phone: (972) 359-0958
Price for meal: $7 incl tax
Date of review: Jan 20th, 2012

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Overall rate:
Date Visited: 01/13/2012

This is a small well visited Philly Cheesesteak joint in a small strip mall.

Their specialty is Philly Cheesesteaks and since I already tried their burgers (see here), I was going to try a cheesesteak this time. Cheesesteaks are close enough to burger that I can try them.

I ordered their Pepper Cheesesteak with fries and a drink. The wait was short and the cheesesteak was brought out to our table. It was hot and freshly made.

I must admit that it really didn’t taste of much at all. The peppers were weak, the cheese was bland and the steak was under seasoned. After adding some salt and ketchup it got better but was never a big hit with me. The fries were regular frozen fries and they were alright.

I think I will stick with their burgers in the future.

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