Frisco Bar, Frisco, TX

Frisco Bar
4851 Legacy Drive
Frisco, TX 75034
United States of America
Phone: (972) 712-0808
Price for meal: $14 incl. tips and tax
Date of review: Feb 17th, 2012

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Date Visited: 02/17/2012

Frisco Bar is, not surprisingly, a bar in Frisco. They advertise that they serve the “Best” Burgers. I am not sure what they mean by the “Best” but I was willing to give it a try.

The place was definitely more a bar than a restaurant. There were quite a few high tables and a few more traditional restaurant tables and booths.

I ordered the Frisco Burger with cheese and Bacon. Since we were two for lunch, we ordered one with fries and one with chips. My burger was ordered medium rare.

The wait was probably 10 minutes or so and the burgers looked really good. When a patty is shaped more round than flat (see image) that is usually a good sign that the chef knows what he or she is doing.

The burger was cooked perfectly medium rare and this kind of meat (sirloin) should not bee cooked more than that in my opinion. The meat was seasoned with more than just salt and it was absolutely excellent. It had a beefy flavor and was super juicy. The bacon was also very tasty and not the bland bacon you get so many places. Very good!

The fries were steak fries (large) and they were made from frozen but cooked crisp and golden. The chips were regular chips from a bag. Nothing homemade here either.

I really recommend Frisco Bar for their burgers. They are solid burgers and the taste is great!

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