Griff’s Hamburgers, Garland, TX

Griff's Hamburgers
2150 N Jupiter Rd
Garland, TX 75044
United States of America
Phone: (972) 530-7886
Price for meal: $7 incl. tax
Date of review: Mar 22nd, 2013

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Date Visited: 03/22/2013

Griff’s Hamburgers is a small burger franchise located in Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, New Mexico, and Missouri. Their concept is really not much different than McDonald’s or Burger King, so I was curious to see if they made better burgers here than the big guys.

The setup inside the restaurant was the same as a regular fast food place, their menu looked very much the same, and the whole ordering process was also the same as you would expect from a fast food place. They didn’t advertise any special meat, fries, or anything that would make them different.

I ordered their Double Giant Cheese burger combo. Unlike other places we didn’t get the drink cups to make our own drinks; we had to order the soda and they would pour it. I thought that was odd. I mean it’s not exactly expensive to have people get soda a few times by themselves.

The wait was not unexpected very long, maybe 3-4 minutes and the burger was ready. It was wrapped in paper and the fries were on the side. The burger looked pretty dull as I would expect from a fast food place and the taste was also dull. It was just a regular meat and cheese burger with very little taste and there was definitely nothing special about it at all. The fries were super boring, but still crisp. They lacked seasoning and were just not very good.

I really don’t understand how Griff’s can still be in business. They don’t serve anything different than you can get at McDonald’s or any other big franchise. Their burgers are dull fast food burgers with no taste and their fries are not any better. Their prices are not even different than the big guys.

I really don’t recommend the burgers from Griff’s. There is absolutely no reason to drive a single mile extra to get their burgers. Just get it at McDonald’s instead. It saves you time and the burgers taste the same.

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