Jasper’s, Plano, TX

7161 Bishop Rd
Plano, TX 75024
United States of America
Phone: (469) 229-9111
Price for meal: $18 including tips
Date of review: Jul 14th, 2011

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Date Visited: 07/14/2011

This is a high-end restaurant with many expensive items on the menu. When we arrived around 11:10 am we were the first ones there. First clue that this was a fancy place: Valet parking only in front. Second clue, they asked if we had any reservation. We looked around and the restaurant was empty. We asked, if they could squeeze us in, and they could (lol). Third clue, burgers were $13 and up.

I knew they would make a decent burger here. I choose the Prime Cheddar Cheese Burger. They recommended it medium rare. Just my kind of place… Medium rare was perfect. I also asked for bacon on mine.

The wait was 10 minutes maybe. The burger arrived and it was a good looking one. The bacon was not very good so I took it off almost immediately. But oh, the burger was absolutely fantastic. It was cooked to perfection and the taste was a deep meaty grilled luscious taste that only few burger places can deliver. It was absolutely fantastic (didn’t I say this already?). The bun to patty ratio was spot on, not too much patty and not too much bun. The mayo looked homemade and was super tasty. The cheddar was sharp but delicious.

The fries were pretty good, but I suspect they were not fresh cut. I believe they claimed to make them hand cut, but I am not sure. There were decent but nothing special.

Great burgers if you like super meaty tasting burgers. I don’t give any burgers a perfect 10 but this one was up there.

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