JGs Hamburgers, Dallas, TX

JG's Hamburgers
12101 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, TX 75234
United States of America
Phone: 972-644-8628
Price for meal: $8.50 including tax
Date of review: Apr 1st, 2010

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Date Visited: 04/01/2010

JG’s is on D-Magazines top 8 burger places in Dallas (see link). They are know for old fashioned hamburgers (like so many other) and I have been here many years ago, but had to try it again since it was on the short list.
The place was super busy so I took that as a good sign. The wait to order was probably five minutes so it was not so bad. I ordered a bacon cheese burger with fries and a drink. They didn’t cook the burgers to order… too bad.

The wait for the burger was ten minutes and considering how busy they were that was pretty good. The burger came undressed, so you have to go to the salad and condiments bar to add your favorite veggies and dressings.

The fries stood out immediately. They were pretty dark and reminded my of fries that was only fried one time (instead of two time, like they should). They were so soggy and nasty that I only had a few of them. Too bad, that will not look good on their rating.

The burger itself was pretty bland. The cheese had a weird aftertaste, almost like it was going bad. The bacon was subtle at best, non existing at worst. It was a sorry excuse for a burger. I was very disappointed.

I am puzzled how JG’s can be on the short list of best burger places in Dallas. I can only think of a few burger places worse than JG’s. The best thing I can say about JG’s is that the service is pretty good and the restaurant is nice, but everything else is not worth the visit.

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