Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill, Addison, TX

Kenny's Wood Fired Grill
5000 Belt Line Road
Addison, TX 75254
United States of America
Phone: (972) 392-9663
Price for meal: $16 with tax and tips
Date of review: Jul 30th, 2010

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Date Visited: 07/30/2010

I recently visited Kenny’s Burger Joint in Frisco and I was now going to try their steak house location in Addison. Supposedly the burgers should be the same and even cooked the same way: over a wood fired grill.

The first thing I noticed was the lack of light in this place. The Frisco location was much lighter, but I guess they wanted to have a more “Upscale Steak House” atmosphere at this place.

I knew it was upscale the minute they asked if we had a reservation (for lunch). Well, we didn’t, but we got a table right away any way.

The menu had many other items than burgers, but I ordered their Silver Sterling Burger with bacon and cheese on a Ciabatta bun along with a side of fries. I usually don’t prefer Ciabatta buns because they take too much taste away from the burger and also makes it harder to handle the burger. Well, I was going to try it now.

While were waiting we were served a bread with butter (see picture).

The wait was pretty short and the burgers looked mighty good. I immediately could smell the meat was grilled over wood. It had such a distinct wonderful smell. I asked for my burger cooked medium and mine was cooked medium rare, which I also happen to like especially with meat of this quality.

The meat was seasoned perfectly and the taste was so wonderful that I never wanted the burger to end. The bacon was crispy and tasty; the cheese was melty and gooey; it was so juicy I almost wondered how they managed to get it like that; it was truly an extraordinary burger. I personally think it was better than the burger I had at their other location in Frisco. I still think the Ciabatta bun was out of place for this kind of burger. As expected it was very tough to control the burger and if I should suggest something to change it would be to use a Brioche bun slightly larger than the Ciabatta bun they served with this burger.

The fries were pretty good. I asked if they cooked them from fresh, even though I’d already guessed it. They were cut exactly the same and pretty thin which indicated to me that they were cooked from frozen. And, according to the waiter, they were.

You have to try the burgers at Kenny’s. They are just that good. It is among one of the best burgers I ever had and I’ve had a few. Get here at night and have a large cold beer with your burger and it could end up being a perfect night.

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