Marcus Cafe, Richardson, TX

Marcus Cafe
2701 Custer Parkway
Richardson, TX 75080
United States of America
Phone: (469) 330-0900
Price for meal: $13 incl tax and tips
Date of review: Apr 27th, 2012

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Date Visited: 04/27/2012

Marcus cafe is located in a small strip mall in Richardson, hidden away all the way in the back. They had seating outside and we opted for that since the weather was wonderful.

I ordered the Marcus Burger medium rare with cheese and bacon. The place was very cozy and it got full pretty quickly in the outside area.

The wait was pretty long. Probably 25 minutes. I was starting to get annoyed but then the burgers arrived. They were served closed up with all the extras on the plate. So I had to disassemble, build and then assemble the burger. Even the bacon was outside the burger. But, oh boy, was it worth the wait. The meat was cooked perfectly medium rare and was grilled on a very hot grill. The meat was seasoned well and the meat had a strong beefy flavor that you only get in high quality beef. The bacon was very good and crisp and not the usual thin bacon you get most places. This was thick and very flavorful bacon. The greens were fresh and very crisp. I suspect that the mayo was homemade, because it was very well seasoned also. You will have a tough time finding a better burger anywhere!

The fries were regular steak fries from frozen. I think that Marcus Cafe could make a perfect burger meal if they made the fries from scratch. Just a suggestion.

I highly recommend Marcus Burger for their excellent burger. It’s not often I get a burger as good as this one.

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