McKinney Avenue Tavern, Dallas, TX

McKinney Avenue Tavern
2822 McKinney Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204
United States of America
Phone: (214) 969-1984
Price for meal: $13.50 incl. tax and tips
Date of review: Sep 9th, 2010

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Overall rate:
Date Visited: 09/08/2010

This place was actually not the place I had in mind for this lunch but due to misunderstandings I ended up here any way. They had a comprehensive bar menu that included a few burgers.

This was a Dallas down town restaurant and it was empty at noon. That should had told me everything, but I stayed…..

We asked what was the favorite burger and the answer was “The Turkey Burger”. Great, there was no turkey burger on the menu. OK, I settled for the Hickory BBQ burger with Bacon and American cheese along side with sweet potato fries.

The wait was 15 minutes and when the burgers were served I knew something was very very wrong. The fries were looking very weird. They even looked like they cooked some freeze-bitten and stale fries and the taste was exactly as expected: Very bad! I had one as a start and one more just to confirm the horror. It was still bad. This was the second time I had fries rated a solid 1 on a scale from 1 to 10. You can hardly make them worse than this!

The burger was below average and the meat was overcooked well-done. It was dry and without much taste. The greens were not fresh and the burger was overall a big disappointment. No wonder no one was here.

I don’t know how the rest of their menu was and I will never find out. Their burgers are at best eatable and their fries completely uneatable. I wouldn’t feed them to my dogs.

If you are in the down town area of Dallas, go somewhere else than McKinney Avenue Tavern. It’s that bad.

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