Mixed Up Burgers, Grand Prairie, TX

Mixed Up Burgers
510 East Avenue K
Grand Prairie, TX 75050
United States of America
Phone: (972) 606-6700
Price for meal: $11 with fries, drink and tax
Date of review: Oct 25th, 2010

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Date Visited: 10/22/2010

Mixed Up Burgers had its grand reopening day after moving within the same building and I was there to celebrate it.

Their burger concept is a bit different than others because they mix all the toppings inside the meat instead of on top of the burger. They still leave lettuce, tomatoes and pickled as the base of the burger but all the rest goes inside.

They have a large variety of “toppings” and I selected a 1/2 lbs burger with bacon, jalapenos and blue cheese. I also elected to add avocado to the burger on top.

After watching the kitchen work mixing the meats I must admit it looked rather complicated and likely to cause errors in the mixing.

The wait for the burger was a good fifteen minutes and considering the number of orders they worked on that was not very impressive. We picked up the burger when it was ready and it looked mighty good. The burger was still loosely formed which was impressive considering they had to mix stuff into it. The burger was cooked medium well. The blue cheese was definitely present and actually tasted of blue cheese unlike so many other places where you hardly can taste it. The jalapenos was impossible to taste and I found out why. My friend got the jalapenos instead. His order was almost the same as mine only he had red onions instead of jalapenos, but they switched the order and I ended up without the jalapenos. I guess they could mix the orders up as expected. Well, the burger was still delicious and full of taste. It was very impressive.

I had the curly fries and although they were cooked from frozen they were also very good.

Patty Shack has been very successful in their concept of mixing the toppings into the meat and still end up with a delicious burger. Great job and good luck at the new location.

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