My visit to Wendy’s in Allen, Texas

Wendy’s is one of the few fast food chains that is not using frozen meat. They only cook to order, thus you don’t risk getting one of the burgers from the dreaded “tray” where the burger has been sitting for up to 10 minutes. I was going to one of the Wendy’s in Allen, Texas. I am pretty sure it really doesn’t matter which one you go to, they all should serve the exact same burger.

I ordered the Double Bacon Cheese burger. It features two 1/4 lbs beef patties (never frozen), bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo. As a side I ordered medium fries and a drink. The wait was less than 2 minutes. This was, after all, a fast food restaurant, so it was expected to take no time to get the food.

The burger was wrapped in foil. The burger looked more like the nice picture in the ad than any other fast food burger I tried. It was pretty nice looking. The burger was cooked well done, which I expected from a fast food chain. They don’t cook to order. The tomatoes and lettuce were crisp and fresh. The cheese was melted just right and the bacon was crisp and tasty. The overall impression of the burger was good. It was juicy, but not too wet. The taste was good but nothing super special. It was a good above average burger. Being a fast food burger, this was a really good burger.

The fries were “hand-cut”. I am not sure what they meant by that, because they looked very machine cut to me. The fries were good average fries. Crisp and warm.

My overall impression of Wendy’s was good. It’s fast food, yes, but it’s actually a decent quality and most important it tastes good. Using never frozen meat, cooking the burger when you order it, and using fresh ingredients paid off for Wendy’s.

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