My visit to Whataburger in Allen, TX

Recently an In-N-Out burger opened in my neck of the woods and I was going to try it. Read my visit to In-N-Out here. The lines were crazy almost every time so I decided on one occasion to visit the local Whataburger just next to In-N-Out.

Many have told me that Whataburger makes much better burgers than In-N-Out and although I tried Whataburger a long time ago, I wanted to have a fresh impression before I wrote this review.

It was way less busy than In-N-Out. It’s pretty much your normal average fast food burger place, not very different than Burger King or McDonald’s. Whataburger only cooks the burger when you order it. They don’t make the burgers in advance and let them sit in a heating tray for 10 minutes, so you get a fresh burger every time.

Whataburger makes Texas style burgers. That’s means that they standard come with mustard and not mayo. You can order a version with mayo, but you have to ask for it. I had to try both, so I ordered one of each along side with fries and a drink.

The burgers are brought out to you so you can just sit down and relax and wait for the burgers to arrive. They don’t present their burgers as well as In-N-Out. In-N-Out is probably the best when it comes to presentation. These were more like you expect from a fast food place. Wrapped in paper and good to go. I tried the burger with mustard first. It was definitely alright. I am not the biggest fan of a burger with only mustard on, but I am more used to it now after living in Texas for over 10 years. The meat is decent and like you would expect it from a fast food burger place. I tried the mayo version also. It was clearly better (for me at least). It was actually pretty good.

Whataburger definitely makes better burgers than In-N-Out. They are not as pretty, but I don’t care, as long as they taste better.

Their fries were good decent fast food fries. Crisp and warm. Again, much better than In-N-Out.

Overall, I really like Whataburger. It will never compete with the fast food style burger places like Five Guys or gourmet burgers, but it’s a great alternative to McD and BK.

Next time the lines are long at In-N-Out, try Whataburger instead. You won’t be sorry!

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