Polker’s Gourmet Burgers, San Francisco, CA

Polker's Gourmet Burgers
2226 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
United States of America
Phone: 415-885-1000
Price for meal: $16.50 with tips
Date of review: May 22nd, 2013

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Date Visited: 05/22/2013

While in San Francisco I had the chance to stop by Polker’s Gourmet Burgers on Polk Street. They advertise authentic gourmet burgers and who doesn’t like one of those? The restaurant was more like a café with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but they specifically had some gourmet burgers on their menu so I was going to try one of them. I chose the Polker’s Burger. It was supposedly a big one, but I have just spent 3 hours walking around San Francisco without any breakfast that day, so I was in for a big burger.

The wait was short, maybe 10 minutes and the burger came out like a champ and looked really good. Putting a knife through it was needed or the burger might have tipped over. The meat was cooked perfectly medium-rare as requested and was so juicy that it was a little tough to handle. The bun gave up almost right away. I might have used a sturdier bun for this kind of burger. The meat had a great grilled taste and the greens were fresh and crisp. I really liked that they keep this burger simple with only onions, lettuce and tomato in it. The meat really shined and that was really good.

The fries were home-made, but a little too thick for my tastes. It made them a little soft, but other than that they were hot and golden, so it all ended up being good.

Polker’s make great burger and you should try one next time you are in the area.

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