Super Duper Burgers, San Francisco, CA

Super Duper Burgers
721 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
United States of America
Phone: (415) 538-3437
Price for meal: $11.50 with fries and drink
Date of review: May 21st, 2013

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Date Visited: 05/21/2013

I was visiting San Francisco and that also meant trying a few of their burgers. One of my choices was Super Duper Burgers on Market Street in the Downtown area. Here is what Super Duper writes on their website to explain what they do: “Fast food burgers, slow food values. At Super Duper Burger, we serve fast food style burgers, fries, and shakes all made with the best ingredients available to us. Our beef is 100% Niman Ranch all natural beef ground fresh each day. Our shakes and cones are made with organic Straus cream from Petaluma, and our pies and cookies for our sundaes are baked daily in house. We offer a free range chicken breast sandwich and an organic Veggie “burger”, and we make our own pickles. All of our packaging is compostable – we care about our environment just as much as we care about our burgers.”

I included all this because I am a big fan of treating your food well and making an effort to make a better product for the end consumer. I was warned that the burgers would be very juicy and consequently messy. No problem.

I ordered the Super Burger, an 8-ounce double burger with everything on it including cheese and jalapenos. I also ordered a side of fries.

The wait was short, maybe 5 minutes and that was good since they were quite busy that evening. I got some of their home-made pickles on the side while I waited. The burger WAS very juicy and also messy, in a good way. The meat was super juicy and cooked medium to perfection (as advertised). The cheese was really gooey and tasty and the jalapenos were very spicy. The bun finally gave up a little over half way, but I managed to eat the whole burger without too much damage to the burger and greasiness on my clothing and fingers. Excellent burger! The fries were pretty ordinary. I would have loved if they made the fries from scratch. I was kind of expecting this from a place like this. The home-made pickles were also really good.

Super Duper makes really super great burgers and I can’t imagine that any combination of burgers and condiments wouldn’t work. I really recommend Super Duper for their burgers should you be in the SF area one day.

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