Top Golf, Allen, TX

Top Golf
1500 Allen Station Parkway
Allen, TX 75002
United States of America
Phone: N/A
Price for meal: $16 including tips and tax
Date of review: Sep 29th, 2011

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Date Visited: 09/29/2011

Top Golf is a place where you can shoot golf balls. Not the usual driving range, but a high end golf experience without issues with weather etc.

I visited Top Golf to try out their burgers. I was surprised to see that the restaurant/bar was actually a pretty nice place. It was not a hole-in-the-wall place as I suspected.

I ordered their classic burger with American cheese and bacon. The burger came with fries on the side. The waitress asked right away how we wanted our burgers cooked. Good sign! I asked for mine medium rare.

The wait was less than 10 minutes and the burgers looked amazing. They were served on square plates and the fries were served in a classy metal container. After the first bite I was sold. The burger was really good and it was cooked perfectly medium rare. I guess they have a chef that knows how to cook burgers. The cheese was actually very tasty and the bacon was crisp and smelled delicious. The greens were fresh and the burger was super juicy. The bun was able to hold the burger together throughout the meal, which is rare for a very juicy burgers. I really loved the burger. It had the steakhouse smell and taste. It had a rich beefy taste and was tender tender like butter.

The fries were made from frozen but was crisp and above average. Not anything like the burger, but decent fries.

I was very surprised and I never expected the burger to be this high quality at Top Golf. I really recommend Top Golf for its burgers. I will be back.

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