Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse, Dallas, TX

YO Ranch Steakhouse
702 Ross Avenue
Dallas, TX 75202
United States of America
Phone: (214) 744-3287
Price for meal: $15 including tax and tips
Date of review: Oct 11th, 2012

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Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse is located in the West-end district of Dallas. The owner Tony had invited me to try out their burgers that are only served during lunch. I couldn’t say no to that!

YO Ranch is a traditional steakhouse and they serve a lot of beef fillet. The trimmings they cut from their fillet are used for the burgers that they serve at lunch. I have always wondered if using fillet for a burger would be a good idea and now I had a chance to try it.

They carry five burgers on their lunch menu and I was going to try them all, so I arrived hungry.

Lamb Burger

The first burger was the lamb burger. I am not a big lamb fan and I usually avoid lamb in any shape or form if I can. This lamb burger was made with crumbled goat cheese, fried onions, plum wasabi dressing on a rosemary focaccia bun. The burger was absolutely fantastic. The lamb taste was subtle enough for me to still enjoy it. I am not going the falter a lamb burger for tasting of lamb. I thought the goat cheese would have been too much for a lamb burger, but it wasn’t. It was delicious. The plum wasabi dressing was spot on. It looks like syrup in the picture, but it complemented the lamb to perfection. It was not my favorite of all the burgers but it was dang close! My rating: 9 out of 10. Price $10.95

Prime Beef Burger

The second burger was the prime beef burger made from trimmings. It was served in a traditional style with cheese and fried onion rings. The burger was good, but I am not so sure about using only fillet in the meat. The meat had a “bloody” taste and that comes from the fillet. It’s perfect in a steak, but in a burger it’s just not ideal. I would try and mix it up with brisket or chuck to make it more “burgerish”. Don’t get me wrong: the burger was good, but not as good as I would think YO Ranch would like it to be. It was just a good regular cheeseburger. My rating: 7 out of 10. Price $7.95

Buffalo Burger

The third burger was the Buffalo burger. Buffalo burgers absolutely have to be cooked no more than medium rare due to their low fat content. If not, they get too dry. This burger was cooked to perfection and it was a very clean burger without a lot of condiments etc. The meat really shined. There was some gaminess to this burger that I also experienced in the prime beef burger, but when you order a buffalo burger you should expect that. It was really a great burger and it was super juicy! My rating: 8 out of 10. Price $10.95

Black and Blue Burger

The forth burger was the black and blue burger. The black normally indicates that the meat is made from Black Angus beef, but it was not the case here. It was made from the same meat as the prime beef burger. It contained blue and Swiss cheese, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, and crispy fried onions on a toasted whole wheat bun. This burger was my favorite. The meat was not an issue in this burger. I guess the gaminess was a good complement to the blue cheese. There was a lot of spinach and mushrooms on this burger and it was absolutely wonderful. If you like blue cheese you must try this burger! Top notch all the way! My rating: 9 out of 10. Price $10.95.

Turkey Burger

The fifth and last burger was the turkey burger. I didn’t expect much from a turkey burger, but this one was actually pretty good. It was served with avocados, pepper Jack cheese on a toasted wheat bun with chipotle mayo. I think that the chipotle mayo was a great choice for this burger since turkey tends to be a little bland. This burger was anything but bland. I think this was probably the best turkey burger I’ve had, but I really haven’t had that many to be perfectly honest. My rating: 7 out of 10. Price $9.95.

All burgers, except the turkey burger, were cooked medium rare and all of them were cooked perfectly. The fries were hand cut and home made and delicious. I really expected all this from a steakhouse and YO steakhouse didn’t disappoint.

Please be sure to understand that I don’t hand out ratings of 10 since that burger doesn’t exist, so a rating of 9 out of 10 is as good as a burger can get in my book.

If you wondered if I had five whole burgers in one sitting, I didn’t. I had probably a quarter of each burger so I was still able to make it out alive.

I recommend YO Ranch for their burgers. Please be aware that they only serve them at lunch.

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