Yourway Burgers, Dallas, TX

Yourway Burgers
13605 Midway Rd, Suite 120
Farmers Branch, TX 75244
United States of America
Phone: 972-386-8788
Price for meal: $12 incl. tax
Date of review: Jun 25th, 2010

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Date Visited: 06/25/2010

This place has a different concept than most other burger places. They make burgers completely to order. When you come in they give you a form to fill out and you choose the size of the patty, the type of bun, what cheese you want if any, the bun and also all the extras that goes on the burger. There were really many choices. One interesting thing is that you also have a choice of what they can mix into the meat, like onions, mushrooms, peppers etc.

I ordered a 1/2 lbs burger (nothing mixed in for me thanks), medium with a white bun, cheddar cheese, bacon and sautéed mushrooms with a side of battered fries (also many choices here) and a drink. The combo ran $12.00 with tax, which is pretty high for a place like this.

The wait was less than 10 minutes, which was pretty good since this was a busy place. Once I got the burger I went to the salad bar and got pickles, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and ranch dressing. They really had many choices of dressing and condiments. Very impressive.

I could smell this burger was grilled the minute I got it in my hands. There was no doubt and I could tell the meat was good quality, because the smell was outstanding. The meat was cooked perfectly and the seasoning was the best I’ve ever had on a burger. My guess was that it was seasoned with some kind of salt and pepper and just enough to make it outstanding. They grilling made this burger near perfect. It was charred in stripes across the patty and the grill added all the taste needed to this burger. The patty was loosely packed like you are supposed to do. They know how to put the meat together here!

It was definitely a gas grill and not a wood fired grill, but it was cooked to perfection. It was truly magical. I never expected this from this place once I stepped in to the restaurant.
The bun was not sturdy enough to keep the burger together, but the rest of the burger made up for this tiny issue. This was one of the best burgers I’ve had till date.

The fries was another story. You can even see the issue it in the picture. They were not cooked long enough. They needed 1-2 minutes more in the fryer and they would have been perfect. Too bad, they could have gotten a near perfect score for both the burgers and fries. I saw other tables got better cooked fries, so I know they can do it, just not for me.

Yourway Burger makes almost perfect burgers. I think it will be tough to find a better burger anywhere, but I will still be looking, don’t worry.

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